Intense Staredown / Jared Leto.


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#InstaSize #long #hair #italiangirl #longhair #blonde #blondehair #blond

#InstaSize #long #hair #italiangirl #longhair #blonde #blondehair #blond

"En garde!"

- Doctor Who / “Robot of Sherwood”

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It is a shame to dwell on murky thoughts, when there is such beauty here.

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now picture your favorite fictional character grabbing you like that

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Guards, he’s laughing again! You can’t keep me locked up with a laughing person!

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That’s @thisisTomRiley ’s awesomeness.

Few hours until ‘Robot of Sherwood’ episode. Can’t wait!


Jared Leto - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Robb Stark / Richard Madden appreciation post.

2x08 GoT